Mindme Alarm Mindme’s latest and smallest model, this alarm is suitable for almost everyone and every situation. Sleek and stylish, it can fit into anyone's lifestyle. more info
Mindme Locate Designed by Mindme for people with dementia or mental impairment. Carers can either locate the user using the Mindme website or call the Response Centre. more info

Always there, everywhere

Do you need a personal alarm?

At first thought you may say no - but what would you do if you needed help and there was no one around?

It is a bit like insurance - you only need an alarm... when you need it.

A Mindme GPS personal alarm and its 24/7 response service lets you to carry on with your life knowing that there is help available at the press of a button.

Perfect for anyone who spends time alone - at home, at work or out and about. Gardening, cycling, doing DIY or walking the dog; whatever you’re doing, you’re never alone.

Mindme Locate gives carers much needed peace of mind whilst it gives people with dementia or mental impairment additional freedom.

Mindme is a member of

UK Telehealthcare TSA Member OrganisationGHP Social Care Awards 2019