About Us

Mindme has been established for almost ten years and during this time it has played the leading role in the development of GPS personal alarms for vulnerable people. Our founder and Chief Executive has been involved with GPS since it first became commercially available over twenty years ago.

  • Mindme was the first company to use a roaming SIM in a GPS device and now it’s widely used within the industry. Today a SIM chip has replaced a SIM card in Mindme devices.
  • The company created the first single button GPS alarm especially for vulnerable people.
  • Mindme created the first charging dock for a GPS alarm for vulnerable people.
  • Mindme was the first company to create a bespoke GPS tracking device (Mindme Locate) to locate people with dementia or learning difficulties.
  • Mindme introduced satellite mapping as soon as it became available because it realised that street-level mapping is inadequate when locating people off-road.

In the very early days Mindme asked Chichester Careline to act as its Response Centre and so began a relationship that continues to this day.

When Mindme launched Locate it was not greeted with open arms. The company was accused of breaching Human Rights and/or Privacy issues. Matters came to a head when Sussex Police decided to trial some units and the Daily Telegraph ran a front page headline ‘GPS tags for dementia patients’.

The news story went viral and was covered by all the UK television news channels, most local radio stations and newspapers from around the world.

Carers from all over the country rang national and local radio talk programmes and many told horrendous stories of how their loved one went missing and the trauma it caused the family.

Today Mindme Locate is the market leader in dementia tracking and is acknowledged to be an important aid in the welfare of people with dementia who wander. It gives device users the freedom to go out alone whilst it gives their carers peace of mind.