Mindme Locate

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Mindme Locate specially designed for people with dementia or learning difficulties

Mindme Locate has been designed to find people who wander because they have dementia or learning difficulties.

The design is simple, with no confusing lights or buttons. It is small and light and it can be carried in a leather belt pouch, as a key fob, worn as a pendant or even put in a pocket or bag. The device will operate up to 48 hours between battery charges.

Carers can look up the location of the user on Mindme’s website at any time, and as often as they wish. In an emergency they can also call the Mindme Response Centre, which is operated by Chichester Careline, and is staffed by highly trained operators who understand the challenges of caring for people with dementia or mental impairment. They will locate the wearer and help organise somebody to collect them.

Mindme Locate uses satellites to determine the location of the user which makes it accurate to about 10 metres when outside. Because Locate reports its location around every 4 minutes, even if the wearer is out of ‘sight’ of the satellites - in a large tall building for example – Mindme’s software can give a very good indication of their location.

Mindme Locate can be used throughout the European Union at no additional subscription cost.

Mindme Locate has a proven track record of finding people with dementia – giving carers peace of mind and users more freedom. It is recognised that Mindme Locate is so unique there are no quality standards applicable to it.

Features of Mindme Locate

  • Measures 60mm x 44mm (widest point) x 14mm and weighs 40 grams
  • Uses GPS to work out its location - accurate to around 10 metres
  • Uses a multi-network SIM – if a network is available then Locate will always remain connected
  • Locations are updated around every 4 minutes on Mindme’s website and Carers can see the last known location online whenever and as often as they wish
  • Mindme’s 24/7 Response Centre is available to assist Carers in an emergency
  • Battery lasts up to 48 hours
  • Mindme Locate has a ‘drop in’ charging unit which makes charging easy
  • A warning email can be sent when the battery is down to 10% capacity
  • Ring fence option available – the alarm will be tripped if the user moves outside pre-set locations
  • It can be used throughout the EU without additional Subscription cost